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ADHD Coach For Kids

Things an ADHD Coach for Kids does

Many people are not sure what an ADHD coach for kids is or what they do. They see the title and think it is a new school system that has been put in place. The truth is an ADHD coach for kids is much more than that. They help with things like:  

Homework- An ADHD coach for kids helps with homework in a number of ways. They can help make a plan to get the homework done, help break the homework down into smaller tasks, and help keep the child on track while they are working. 

Routines- A big part of having ADHD is routines. Routines help to provide structure and stability in a world that can feel very chaotic. An ADHD coach for kids can help  create routines that will work best for the child and their family. 

Social Skills- Social skills are very important, but they can be very difficult for a child with ADHD. An ADHD coach for kids can help teach children how to interact with others, how to read social cues, and how to start and carry on a conversation. 

Preferred Activities- One of the goals of coaching is to help the child find activities that they enjoy and are good at. This can help build confidence and self-esteem. An ADHD coach for kids can help identify the child’s interests and strengths and then find activities that fit those criteria. 

At Achieving Kids, LLC, we understand that every child is different and that means that every coaching plan will be different as well. We work with the child and their family to create a plan that will work best for them. If you would like to learn more about our ADHD coaching for kids, please contact us.

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