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Achieving Kids, LLC






Sarah  Abercrombie, MSEd

Achieving Kids, LLC

Academic Interventionist


ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach

Educator & Parent Workshop Provider

Approved FES (formerly Gardiner) Scholarship Provider

I look forward to helping your child embrace challenges, feel powerful, and enjoy more positive, rewarding relationships.
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* Former Director of Student Services for the Thinking         Center of Sarasota
* Teacher & Interventionist, 23 years

* ADHD Coach,19 years
* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach
* Parent & Educator Workshop Presenter

Education and Certification

*  Bachelors of Arts, Child Psychology, University of            Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
*  Masters of Science, Elementary Education, Duquesne      University, Pittsburgh, PA
*  Licensed FL Teacher
*  Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach
*  Certified Life Coach 
*  Certified Mindfulness Coach 

Membership Affiliations

Step Up For Students, Family Empowerment                    Scholarship
*  CHADD, Children and Adults with ADD
*  ADDA, Attention Deficit Disorder Association
*  International Literacy Association

My Story

    About 23 years ago, after a wonderful career as a family systems counselor and having earned my Master of Science in Education, I was the single mother of an amazing son. He had just been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Oppositional Defiant Disorde and,despite his exceptionally high IQ, was failing third grade. I threw myself into researching his learning disabilities in order to find those hidden pathways which would enable him to learn. Although the consensus of many well-meaning professionals was that my son would never be successful in school, I saw things differently. I made sure that we both understood his unique learning styles so thoroughly that together we were able to uncover ways for him to learn. We tried, and failed, to learn as many strategies as we could, until we found one that worked.  My son proceeded to earn a BA in History as a Presidential Scholar, Summa Cum Laude, from Slippery Rock University's Honors Program. He earned a MA in International Relations with Distinction (the English version of Summa Cum Laude).from Bristol University Graduate School in England. 


   As a classroom teacher, Learning Specialist, CBT and ADHD Coach, and Workshop Presenter, I have spent over 25 years helping children discover their hidden strengths and assuring them, and their families, that every child is capable of achieving amazing things.

How I Can Help

   It is my job to incorporate my knowledge and understanding gained as a counselor, classroom teacher, Cognitive Behavior and ADHD Coach, and parent to help your child reach his or her hidden potential and achieve amazing things.

Your child will become empowered and feel capable, as he or she learns new strategies to replace ineffective ones.  

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Contact Information

I look forward to hearing your hopes and dreams for your child and discussing how I can help. There will be no charge for this conversation.


Achieving Kids, LLC

St Augustine, Florida


Phone:  (412)  926-3760


I look forward to helping you and your child. 

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