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       ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach

Attention Deficit Disorder is characterized by behaviors and thought patterns that can be counterintuitive to leading a productive life and sustaining positive relationships. Children and their families often feel frustrated, angry, and anxious due to the difficulty children with this diagnosis have organizing their time and materials, transitioning out of strong emotional states, and attaining life's goals. Your child and I will work together to identify behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are not working for them or their families. Together we will identify how they would like their lives to be and set goals that reflect these desired outcomes. We will design effective strategies that break these goals down into manageable steps so that your child can make meaningful progress and in doing so, feel empowered, confident, and capable. Coaching is a practical and structured process that touches most life areas including: 

  • Strategic planning & scheduling

  • Prioritization of goals

  • Time, task & space management

  • Motivation & follow-through

  • Developing systems for success

  • Self Regualton of intense emotions

  • Healthy communications & relationships

  • An appreciation of personal unique learning style

  • Achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle

$80 per hour

(no cost for initial conversation)

Step Up For Students Scholarship Provider

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach

 Cognitive behavioral therapy is a strengths--based approach that, rather than focusing on what is wrong with the child, focuses on what is right with them. As a certified CBT , Neuropsychotherapy, and Mindfulness Coach, I draw on my years of experience as a parent, teacher, counselor, ADHD Educator and Coach, along with my training in Neurospychotherapy to develop an action plan designed to fit your child's unique needs. The plan we develop will focus on building upon your child's unique visions of success in order to make meaningful progress in the areas of life that are most problematic right now. These goals will build optimism, hope, and resilience into your child's repertoire of behaviors and thoughts. We will find strategies to break these goals down into meaningful steps so that your child is able to make meaningful progress, and in doing so feel empowered, confident, and capable. 


$80 per hour

(no cost for initial conversation)

Step Up For Students Scholarship Provider

  One On One Tutor

As a licensed teacher with over 20 years of experience both in the classroom and working with children with complex learning needs,  I  deliver  thoughtful, individualized academic interventions targeted to meet your child's unique learning needs in decoding, reading comprehension, math, and social studies. Interventions are based on research-based instructional strategies. I will work with you and your child to design a comprehensive intervention plan that includes goals and assessments.  

$80.00 per hour

(no cost for initial conversation)

Step Up For Students Scholarship Provider

ADHD Workshops for Parents and Educators

The behavioral symptoms of ADHD are behaviors which our society unfortunately associates with poor parenting and teacher skills. Parents and classroom teachers understand that nothing could be further from the truth. My workshops are designed to take the mystery and the guilt away from raising and teaching ADHD kids. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of the science behind this diagnosis, the ability to see the world from these children's perspectives, and leave equipped with research-based, practical strategies designed to give parents, teachers, and children the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Presentation content, cost, and duration vary according to the needs of the participants.

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs. 

All services are available online or in person



Please search Achieving Kids on Google to read all of my 5 star reviews.  

'Sarah has quite literally been a miracle worker for my very anxious, perfectionist child. She helped her by utilizing different strategies to help her succeed not only scholastically but also by giving us strategies regarding perspective of where her anxiety might have stemmed from. She emails us after the sessions with some of these strategies that I can use at home with her such as yoga or breathing exercises. I am so thankful for her insight and caring demeanor. She truly is one of a kind. Highly recommend.' 

E. DeMassa

'Sarah has been amazing for my child. She gives tools to help manage their anxiety so that they feel empowered to work through it. Sarah is warm and caring and makes you feel like they can tackle this together as a team. I recommend her to everyone.'

J. Hard

'I have had the privilege to work with Sarah and I can honestly say that I have seen her make such huge differences in children’s life’s. I seen her spend countless hours of her own time making lessons plans that are to an individual student to make sure she is meeting those student’s needs. As a person who has struggled with dyslexia my whole life it makes me wish there were more Sarah’s in this world. I can promise you Sarah will give you 110% effort to help your child meet the goals they want and at the same time building up their self-esteem. As I have personal seen her do this time and time again.'

C. Shipp

'As a parent of three students with markedly different interests and abilities, I marvel at Sarah’s ability to relate to each student as an individual and customize an educational plan specially suited to that learner. I have watched students blossom under her leadership and seen their growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Each of my children will point to Mrs. Abercrombie as the inspiration to take on new challenges and never stop learning. One will tell you that she fostered a love of reading. Another will point to a love for History and its relation to current events. The third credits Sarah with giving him “the courage to speak up and ask questions until I really understand.'

R. Kanan

'The growth I have seen in my daughter since beginning with Sarah has been remarkable. Sarah has taught her to manage her strong emotions in a healthy way while encouraging her to consider the perspective of others before jumping to conclusions. My daughter looks forward to her sessions with Sarah and has a strong connection with her.'

D. Hartley

'Sarah gives 110% to her students. Her calm and compassionate nature instantly puts kids at ease. Sarah is a wealth of knowledge and has given my daughter all the tools she needs to conquer her ADHD and anxiety and thrive. I honestly don’t know what we would do without Sarah.'

M. Tennimon

'Sarah is an exceptional teacher and mentor. She has been a tremendous help to our son. She is very professional and proactive in identifying and making recommendations to assist children develop and improve their executive function. She is a great asset to fostering the growth of your child’s scholastic skills.'

Dr. K Morgan

'I sought Sarah’s expertise to assist my daughter with executive functioning and organizational skills and it was as if Sarah understood her as soon as she walked in and sat down. Sarah was able to sort through a teenager’s confusion , find the issues and provide the words needed to teach learning skills. She proves her value in every session and I can’t thank her enough.'

K. Kuskin

'I have been fortunate to retain Sarah Abercrombie as a therapist for my son for his psychological issues. Sarah is perceptive and quick to identify the root problem and efficient at focusing efforts to alleviate it. My son enjoys working with her. We have noticed significant improvements in his behavior and functioning since he started working with her. I recommend Sarah enthusiastically and without reservations.'
A Goel, MD, MS, FRCS

'My boys have been with Sarah for many years and have made tremendous gains throughout the years. Thank you Sarah for always helping out our boys.'

P. Scerbo



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